Rochester, NY
Magazine Live Performance

My face is red. The bridge of my nose is raw and wet, but it is not blood. It stings. A lot. Next to my right eye stings. My hair is a mess.

I was nervous and conscious of the onlooking eyes, but then something took over -- an emotion. Something raw. I began ripping and tearing and ignoring everything and everyone and the pain and let the frustration and emotions engulf me.

The heaping pile of scraps in the end was surprising. There are that many advertisements in magazines. That many images of ideal beauty.








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Rochester, NY
Heels Live Performance

day after

Rochester, NY
The day after the Magazine Live Performance

I woke up with blood on my pillow.
It looks like someone punched me.

I met Hank Willis Thomas like this.
Too bad he didn't question it.

"It's rather disturbing from a parental perspective."
- Dad




Photo by William J. Ingalls
day after
day after

Java's @ RIT
Rochester, NY
Magazine Live Performance

My eyes became watery as people applauded and I attempted to process what had just occurred. My face was on fire, the bridge of my nose bleeding. I am finding my quiet.

I debated leaving the remanats behind for others to question but took them with me instead. I am pondering.

Observations collected by my peers:

"She's just doing some feminist thing about girls not fitting in." - Male, glancing up & continuing to work

"Do you see what this girl is doing?! Do you see this?!?"
- Female exclaiming to her friends while taking video

Females physically moved to have a better view
Males walking by stopped for a minute & continued walking
Employees moved away from the bar to see

Photos & video by Juan Madrid